Finished Summary “Marginal Social Groups’ Experiences of Modernity” Seminar Series (2nd Session) / Islamic Trust Studies Workshop “Managing Transitions within and beyond post-Ottoman Turkey” (Mar. 19)


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Research Group: B01 State Systems

The Workshop “Managing Transitions within and beyond post-Ottoman Turkey” will be jointly organized by Islamic Trust Studies Gruoup B01“The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State Systems (Principal Investigator: KONDO Nobuaki)” and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A),“近世巨大都市・三都の複合的社会構造とその世界史的位置―〈史料と社会〉の視点から―” (Principal Investigator:  TSUKADA Takashi)”.




Date & Time: March 19, Tuesday, 2024, 14:00~16:30 (JST)

Orçun Can Okan (University of Oxford)
“Managing Transitions within and beyond post-Ottoman Turkey: The Delegation of the Ankara Government to Istanbul (1922-1928)”



Moderator: Masayuki Ueno (Osaka Metropolitan University)

Translator: Madoka Morita (ILCAA)



Managing Transitions within and beyond post-Ottoman Turkey: The Delegation of the Ankara Government to Istanbul (1922-1928)
Orçun Can Okan

Milestone events that radically change political landscapes are often followed by efforts to manage these events’ consequences in diplomatic, administrative, and legal terms. In (what became) former Ottoman domains in the 1920s, an institution that undertook efforts of this kind was the Delegation of the Ankara government to Istanbul (Dersaadet Murahhaslığı). This institution represented the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in its relations with foreign diplomatic missions in Istanbul and later facilitated the implementation of stipulations in the peace treaty Turkey signed at the end of World War I in July 1923—the Treaty of Lausanne. Mainly through textual and visual materials incorporated from this institution’s documents housed at “the Ottoman Archives,” this talk discusses its role in the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and the construction of new regimes in Turkey and the Arab Middle East. Focusing on this institution facilitates interpreting the diplomatic, administrative, and legal issues that had to be addressed amidst political transitions with large scope. By way of illustrating practices of managing state succession through specific examples, the talk advocates new ways to transcend national and regional divides in historical inquiries on the making of the postwar Middle East.


Language: Japanese, English

Venue: Conference Room L122, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Sugimoto Campus, Osaka Metropolitan University (No. 5 on the campus map), Open to public/Admission free/In person only/Pre-registration is required.

Pre-registration: Please use this form to register for participation. For further assistance, you can also contact us at 

Organizer: Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A), “The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State Systems” (Principal Investigator: KONDO Nobuaki (ILCAA); 20H05827) / Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) “近世巨大都市・三都の複合的社会構造とその世界史的位置―〈史料と社会〉の視点から―” (Principal Investigator: TSUKADA Takashi (Osaka Metropolitan University),20H00030).



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