Finished Thiqa Project Kick-off Symposium (Mar.5)


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Research Group: Organizer

Thiqa Project will hold the Kick-off symposium on March 5th, 2021 (Open to the public & Admission free).

Date&Time: March 5th, 2021. 14:00〜17:10


Adiministrative announcement
Overview of the project by the principal investigator Hidemitsu KUROKI (ILCAA)

14:15〜14:30 Shinsuke NAGAOKA(Kyoto University)
“Mobility of the Islamic Economy and Its Post-Capitalist Foresight”

14:30〜14:45 Tatsuya NAKANISHI(Kyoto University)
“Rethinking Hui Muslims’ Pro-Chinese Refinement of Islam”

14:45〜15:00 Susumu NEJIMA(Toyo University)
“Global Gokinjo (neighborhood) : From a Case of Otsuka Mosque, Tokyo”

15:00〜15:15 Nobuaki KONDO(ILCAA)
‟Strategic Knowledge against Confessional Divides: Diplomacy, War, Islamic Law”

15:15〜15:30 So YAMANE(Osaka University)
‟Translation of Thoughts Guided by Cross-border Connectivity”


15:40〜15:55 Naonori KUSAKABE(Rikkyo University)
‟Islam and Rohingya in Bangladesh Politics: Are the Rohingya Compatriots or Refugees? ”

15:55〜16:10 Takao ITO(Kobe University)and Wakako KUMAKURA(ILCAA)
‟The Application of Digital Humanities in Studies of the History of the Islamicate World”

16:10〜17:00 Q&A, General discussion (Moderator: Nobuhiro OTA (ILCAA))
17:00〜17:10 Further plans

Admission:Open to Public/Free, Online Meeting via Zoom

Pre-resistration:Pre-resistration is required. Please use the following form(deadline is the day before at 17:00).

Organizer: Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas(A) “Connectivity and Trust-building in the Islamic Civilization” Organizer (Principal Investigator: Hidemitsu KUROKI (ILCAA), 20H05823)

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