Finished Application Guidelines for Short Presentation and Poster Session (Islamic Trust Studies International Conference 2023)


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Application Guidelines for Short Presentation and Poster Session
of the Islamic Trust Studies International Conference 2023

The Islamic Trust Studies Project will hold short presentation and poster session during our International Conference 2023, held at the University of Tokyo from March 1 to 3, 2024 as an opportunity of academic exchanges through research. The application guidelines are as follows.

For both sessions, the presentation subjects should deal with “trust” or “connectivity (relationship building),” the main concepts of Islamic Trust Studies Project, regardless of research area (area studies, history, political sciences, economics, etc.). In addition, propositions of a new method and comparative studies beyond time and place including non-Islamic civilization are welcomed. For the concepts of Islamic Trust Studies Project, please see “The Scope of the Islamic Trust Studies Project” and “Considering the Keywords Used in the Trust Studies Project” as follows.

The Scope of the Islamic Trust Studies Project
Focusing on the characteristics of Islamic civilization which has great ability to build horizontal human relationships, our project aims to clarify the accumulation of such connectivity and various aspects of trust building, and to convert the tacit knowledge gained from this into strategic knowledge by verbalizing and visualizing it, in order to establish a new perspective for resolving the growing division in the world today. Centering on Islam, we will investigate with a global perspective the process of building trust in various connectivities, covering a period of 1400 years from the beginning of Islam to the present day. This project does not only deal with specific phenomena found only in Islamic civilization but also focuses on finding, examining, and constructing the wisdom of relationship and trust building in its totality. Therefore, we also synthetically analyze and see the characteristics in common and relations with other civilizations in the perspective of connectivity and trust building.

Considering the Keywords Used in the Trust Studies Project 
Refer to the following article on our website:

Place: Komaba Campus, the University of Tokyo
Session style: English in-person session
Date:March 2, 2024 (Poster will be displayed for 3 days)
Each short presentation time: 10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A
Quota:6–8 persons for short presentation session, 20 persons for poster session ***
*** We will do screening of applications
How to apply:Please send e-mail to Islamic Trust Project Office ( with the following information.
1. Session you will participate in (short presentation or poster)
2. Title and abstract(English, abstract should be about 150 words)
3. Your name, affiliation, status, e-mail address
Deadline:December 10, 2023
Submission:Islamic Trust Studies Project Office(

Shinsaku Kato(shin_kato[at]
Yusuke Motani(motani.hmt[at]

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