Finished Islamic Trust Studies Workshop “Digital Humanities Windter Day 2023” (Dec. 16-17)


Category: Workshop

Research Group: C01 Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Winter Days 2023 will be organized by C01 in collaboration with Chair of the State of Qatar for Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University.The lecturer is Maxim Romanov at Hamburg University, a leading figure in the Digital Humanities (DH) field within History of Islam. This Workshop will give hands-on sessions on DH analysis methods, focusing on the analysis methods for biographical records, which are the subject of C01’s research.

Day1 (2023-12-16, Sat) 10:00-18:00

  • Introduction (Lecture)
  • Hands-on session

Day2 (2023-12-17, Sun) 10:00-18:00

  • Hands-on session

The contents of the workshop will be as follows. The contents can be changed in accordance with the specific requests of participants.

  • [easy-ish] Organizing your research data (biographical texts); Software: Command line; Git and GitHub;
  • [easy-ish to intermediate] Providing structural annotation to biographical texts; mARkdown; XML; Understanding regular expressions; Software: Kate Editor;
  • [intermediate] Annotating biographical information; Annotation schemes and means of annotation; ; mARkdown; XML; Software: Kate Editor;
  • [intermediate to hard] Extracting, normalizing and curating data from biographical texts; Understanding data formats; alternatives to databases; Software: python; tabular data software;
  • [easy-ish] Understanding maps; georeferencing; collecting and organizing geographical information; Software: QGIS; R (harder);
  • [intermediate] Social Network Analysis with Gephi; Software: Gephi
  • [hard] Analyzing biographical data with R:
    we can use PUA data here ( to showcase options for complex data searches and modeling (software: R programming language; you can check this for examples of what we can do )
    Queries into data;
    Visualizations (graphs, maps, trees, networks, maps);


Condition:in-person workshop

Capacity:15 participants

Requirement:Basic proficiency in Arabic

Deadline: December 10th, 2023, but entry will be permitted only for the first 15 people even before the deadline.

Organizer : C01 Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) “Connectivity Analyses by Digital Humanities Method” (Principal Investigator: Wakako Kumakura (Keio University), 20H05830); Chair of the State of Qatar for Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University

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