Finished Workshop “Comparative studies on the legal plularism in South Asia and Central Asia” (Mar.18)


Category: Workshop

Research Group: A02 Islamic Thought & KnowledgeB02 Thought & Strategy

A02 “Conversion of the Islamic knowledge” & B02 “Trust Building Through Thought and Strategy” will hold a workshop.

Date&Time:March 18th, 2021 (Thu) 15:00~17:00

Presentation 1:Sayaka TAKANO (Chuo University)
“Perspectives on Categories of Law: An Ethnographic Study of Local Courts in Indonesia”
Commentator:Yumi SUGAHARA (Osaka University)

Presentation 2:Jin NODA (ILCAA)
“Customary law in Central Asia, its history and contemporary role: Focusing on the recent two monographs on the cases in Kyrghyz”
Commentator:Yoichi YAJIMA (Nara Women’s University)

General Discussion

Admission:Admission Free, Pre-registration is required.
Pre-registration: Please use the registration form (valid until 17:00, 17th March, 2021).

Co-Organizer:Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas(A)Planned Research “Conversion of the Islamic knowledge” (Principal Investigator: Jin NODA (ILCAA), 20H05825); Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) “Trust Building Through Thought and Strategy” (Principal Investigator: So YAMANE (Osaka University) Project Number: 20H05828)

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