Finished Workshop “The ideas and prospects of “Historical Digital Globe” (GIS)” (Feb.15)


Category: Workshop

Research Group: C01 Digital HumanitiesA01 Islamic EconomyB01 State Systems

“Historical Digital Globe” is a GIS application which is designed and under development by Hiroshi Goto, a co-investigator of C01 for temporal and spatial visualization of transfer of people and things. This workshop introduces its pilot product whose implementation is requested to Esri Japan, the vender of ArcGIS, and have a discussion about the subject with the participants’ comments. We would like to have a brainstorming discussion also about what data the participants have and whether we can visualize them.

Date&Time: Feb.15, 2021. 14:00〜15:30

Hiroshi Goto (Yokohama City University)/ Masayo Tsuchida (Esri Japan Corporation)
Introduction to a Pilot Product of “Historical Digital Globe”


Language: Japanese
Online meeting via Zoom

Pre-registration: Please register from the form by 17:00 of Feb.14, 2021.

Co-organaizer: Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) “Connectivity Analyses by Digital Humanities Method”, 20H05839, Wakako Kumakura /”Mobility and Universality of Islamic Economy”, 20H05824, Shinsuke Nagaoka/“The Ideas of the Muslim Community and the Muslim States”, 20H05827, Nobuaki Kondo

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