Finished Islamic Trust Studies Symposium 2022 “Connectivities in the middle of antagonism and conflicts” (Mar. 2)


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Islamic Trust Studies Symposium 2022 (academic year) “Connectivities in the middle of antagonism and conflicts” will be held at ILCAA of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies by the organizer of “Islamic Trust Studies.”

Islamic Trust Studies Symposium 2022 
“Connectivities in the middle of antagonism and conflicts”

Masako Ishii (Rikkyo University, B03 Principal Investigator)
Discussant: Shinichi Tsuji (Meiji Gakuin University)

13:30-13:35  Opening Address by Hidemitsu Kuroki (ILCAA / Hokkaido University SRC, Area Organizer/A03 Principal Investigator)

13:35-13:40  Introduction by Masako Ishii
13:40-14:05 Speaker 1: Hiroyuki Suzuki (The University of Tokyo, B03 Co-investigator)
“Trust and suspicion under the conflict: the relationship woven by Palestinians and ‘others’”
14:05-14:30  Speaker 2: Hideaki Sekinou (Meiji University, A03 Co-investigator)
“The present situation surrounding immigration issues: case of relationship between Muslims and Jews in Germany”
14:30-14:40  Break time
14:40-15:05  Speaker 3: Jun Kumakura (Hosei University, B03 Co-investigator)
“The issue of trust or unity in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: the formation of ethnic leadership and its transformation”
15:05-15:30  Speaker 4: Hidemitsu Kuroki
“Lebanese and Syrian immigrants and restructuring of the Middle East during the World War I”
15:30-15:40  Break time
15:40-16:00 Comments by Shinichi Tsuji
16:00-17:00 General Discussion
17:00-17:50 Core time for poster sessions
17:50-18:00 Closing address
18:00-18:30 Core time for exhibition tour

Meeting Style:Open to public, admission free, Hybrid meeting of online and in-person/ Pre-registration is required

Pre-registration (closed on Feb. 28, am 12:00)

Grant-in Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A)“Connectivity and Trust Building in Islamic Civilization” (Area Organizer: Hidemitsu KUROKI (ILCAA/SRC Hokkaido University); 20H05823)

Contact : (Islamic Trust Studies Project Office / イスラーム信頼学事務局) 

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