Finished Workshop “Debates over the Ottoman Caliphate” (Jan. 21)


Category: Workshop

Research Group: B01 State Systems

The workshop “Debates over the Ottoman Caliphate” will be organized by Group B01 “The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State Systems”.

Date & Time: January 21, 2023, 14:00-16:00

FUJINAMI Nobuyoshi (Tsuda University)
“Redefining the Caliphate, Amending the Constitution? The Penultimate Ottoman Debate on Islamic Leadership”

Following the Young Turk Revolution in 1908, Ottomans accepted the principle of national sovereignty. Regardless, they felt a little embarrassed regarding exploiting such legally significant issues as the Sultan-Caliph’s prerogatives for party interest. The constitutional amendments were a case in point. Both Muslims and non-Muslims freely defined their sovereign’s rights, which inevitably affected those of the universal commander of the faithful. To what extent the “Islamic” discourses regarding this institution were trustworthy remains a question to which I will turn in this talk. Connected as it was to Sharia, Constitution, and international law, the penultimate Ottoman debate on the Caliphate encourages us to investigate what the essentials of Islamic leadership were thought to be and what they are.


Discussant: NAGANAWA Norihiro(Hokkaido University/B01 Co-investigator)

Language: Japanese
Venue: Online meeting via Zoom, Open to public/Admission free, Pre-registration is required.

Pre-registration: Please use the form for pre-registration.

Organizer: Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A), “The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State Systems” (Principal Investigator: KONDO Nobuaki (ILCAA); 20H05827)

Contact: MORITA Madoka (mmorita[at]

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